Apply to become a licensee

We're glad you've decided to become a Fairtrade Licensee and looking forward to supporting you along the way.


Before proceeding, please remember: you may only apply via Fairtrade International if there is no National Fairtrade Organization, or Fairtrade Marketing Organisation, located in the country where your business is registered. Check this page before you begin your registration.

Apply now

Please contact with the following preliminary information to begin your application:

  • Country (where the business is based)
  • Ingredients to be sourced as Fairtrade (e.g: banana, cocoa, coffee, sugar etc.)
  • Finished product to be sold with the FAIRTRADE Mark (e.g: chocolate bar, ice cream, ground coffee etc.)
  • Include your FLO ID if you are already certified by FLOCERT
  • Indicate if you import raw material from a country of origin OR you manufacture/process the product OR pack or re-pack the product
  • Brand name of the finished product and owner of this brand
  • Contact name, email address, and phone number