Become a Fairtrade licensee and use our Mark on your products

Ready to label your product with one of the world's most widely recognized ethical certification marks? Before you can communicate to your customers that you believe in paying producers a fair price for the goods they work hard to grow, you'll need to become a Fairtrade Licensee.

What is licensing?

Becoming a licensee means that you will sign a contract giving you the right to use the FAIRTRADE Mark on your products sourced from a Fairtrade supply chain - in line with the Fairtrade Mark Use Guidelines.


Can my company become a licensee?

Your business is eligible to become a licensee if:

  • Your products are included in the Fairtrade Standards
  • Your products are sourced from a Fairtrade supply chain, where all actors – from the producers up to the last trader – are Fairtrade certified

Who to contact to apply

Fairtrade has National Fairtrade Organisations (NFOs) and Fairtrade Marketing Organisations (FMOs) in more than 20 countries. Please note you must apply via the local Fairtrade organisation in your country. They will provide you with any support needed. If there are no offices in your country, submit your application to Fairtrade International.

The map below shows the National Fairtrade Organisations and Fairtrade Marketing Organisations locations and provides a link to their contact information.

Frequently asked questions

If you have specific questions related to Fairtrade and your business, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions

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